Om Moksha Ritam - Guided Relaxation Meditation

Om Moksha Ritam - Guided Relaxation Meditation

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This 20-minute meditation is a guided relaxation that explores the moksha mantra and ends with a healing sound bath.

The moksha mantra is a mantra meditation that is also known as the mantra for self-liberation; the liberation mantra, the peace mantra, the happiness mantra.

This repetition of the mantra Om Moksha Ritam is very powerful. In this meditation, we will mentally whisper the mantra over and over again. Connecting us to the stillness & silence within, the space between thoughts.

This 20-minute guided meditation with soothing ocean waves has a sound bath at the end to take you into a state of deep relaxation and healing. This beautiful sound bath was composed by Megan Marie Gates.

Megan works on a vibrational level, soothing the nerves at the deepest levels. All there is to do is connect to your favourite speakers or headphones, dial up the volume, press play, and close your eyes.

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