25 Minute Guided Sleep Meditation with Crystal Bowls

25 Minute Guided Sleep Meditation with Crystal Bowls

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This 25-minute guided meditation with a crystal singing bowl sound bath will guide you into a relaxed and dreamy state as you drift off to sleep. 

Allow the guidance and sounds of the crystal bowls to take you into a state of deep relaxation and healing.

This guided meditation is a nighttime sound bath guided by Ally Boothroyd accompanied by the sound healing, quartz crystal bowls played by Megan Marie Gates.

It's a sound bath for relaxation, holistic health, and vibrational sound healing. This relaxing sound bath will gently guide your body and mind into a place where the parasympathetic nervous system will be activated, calming the whole nervous system. 

Megan works on a vibrational level, soothing the nerves at the deepest levels. All there is to do is connect to your favourite speakers or headphones, dial up the volume, press play, and close your eyes. And then, nod off into peaceful dreams tonight.

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