2 Hour Sleep Meditation with Positive Affirmations & Soft Rain with Ally Boothroyd

2 Hour Sleep Meditation with Positive Affirmations & Soft Rain with Ally Boothroyd

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This 2 hour long sleep meditation with positive affirmations will help with insomnia in the middle of the night.

Ally Boothroyd will take you through this sleep talk down meditation with gentle rain sounds and positive affirmations, yoga nidra techniques and guide you into deep sleep fast.

This sleep meditation for insomniacs will take you easily into a light hypnagogic state and then down into a deep state of sleep (whether you are conscious or unconscious).

Let the soothing and relaxing rainforest night sounds take you to a place of total peace and relaxation as you wind down into effortless sleep. This meditation with yoga Nidra techniques is guided by Ally Boothroyd and is meant to help reduce stress over being awake at night, anxiety about insomnia and calm the nerves to help you get the rest you need.

If you're looking for a guided meditation for insomnia this relaxation technique for deep sleep & yoga Nidra will help you get a full night’s rest. Yoga Nidra can be used in a therapeutic way like a guided meditation for sleep problems and insomnia and it can work wonders to calm a mind that is wide awake at night and help you sleep in peace.

Follow along with the instructions and discover a powerful scientific method for inducing sleep. Even if sleep does not come, yoga Nidra will give you a much better night's rest than tossing and turning.

By request, Ally has added positive affirmations to effortlessly reprogram the subconscious mind while you sleep. This full-length yoga Nidra meditation with relaxing rain sounds is perfect for stress reduction.

If you’re looking for a 2-hour long Nidra with a body scan, guided with a female voice then this Nidra meditation is for you. This 2 hours sleep relaxation also includes positive affirmations to program the mind while you sleep. It’s a sleep-based meditation that is a great meditation for anxiety and falling asleep at night.